What We Do:

Mitsui has a significant global LNG portfolio and strong relationships with major LNG buyers spanning more than 40 years. Mitsui holds equity interests in LNG production facilities that operate in nine countries.

LNG/natural gas is the core business of the Mitsui & Co. Energy Business Unit. Due to the increasing need for environmentally friendly energy, demand for LNG/natural gas (a clean energy source with low greenhouse gas emissions) is increasing worldwide. We expect that the LNG/natural gas industry will continue to play a major role in the global energy sector and grow on a long-term basis.

Since participating in the Abu Dhabi LNG project in the 1970s, Mitsui & Co. has become widely involved across the entire LNG value chain, from LNG production, to transportation and marketing. Mitsui & Co. participates in LNG development projects throughout the world, in the United States, Australia, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Russia, Indonesia, Mozambique and Equatorial Guinea.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., MEMS is involved in a variety of activities across the LNG value chain from natural gas supply to liquefaction and shipments of LNG. We are a buyer and investor into Cameron LNG project which is a two-berth, three tank LNG facility located in Louisiana. MEMS team develops and implements Mitsui’s global LNG business strategy and vision to (1) Build a competitive asset portfolio and (2) Expand and optimize LNG sales and supply portfolio. Our main activities are:

  • Development of liquefied natural gas (LNG)/natural gas projects. We have 4 Mtpa offtake and 16.6% equity stake in Cameron LNG project in Louisiana.
  • Trading, origination, and marketing of LNG.
  • Coordination – supporting Mitsui & Co. global LNG marketing, trading and shipping operations in Houston in coordination with Tokyo, Singapore and London offices.

What is LNG?

Liquefied natural gas is gas that has been cooled to -260°F (-160°C) and converted to a liquid state. When natural gas is in a liquid form, it takes up approximately 1/600th of the space it would as a vapor, making transportation much more efficient and economical.

LNG is mostly methane plus a small percent of ethane, propane and butane, and trace amounts of nitrogen. For over 50 years, LNG has been safely transported around the world in tankers. LNG is an odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive liquid and leaves no residue after it evaporates. LNG is made by converting natural gas into a liquid in a liquefaction plant, or “train”. LNG is then stored in full-containment tanks, following which it is loaded onto LNG tankers and shipped around the globe to regasification terminals where LNG is converted back into gaseousness state and transported by pipeline to consumers.


Cameron LNG

On May 14, 2019, production began at the first liquefaction train of Cameron LNG project in Louisiana, U.S.A., a development in which Mitsui & Co., Ltd ('Mitsui') holds an equity stake. On August 10, 2020, Train 3 of Cameron LNG export facility achieved commercial operations and the project has begun full commercial operations.

The project involves the development and operation of liquefaction facilities with an export capability of 12 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) (4 MTPA x 3 trains) at the site of the Cameron LNG terminal, owned and operated by Cameron LNG, LLC ('Cameron LNG'). On October 1, 2014, Mitsui acquired a 16.6% equity interest in Cameron LNG Holdings, LLC, Cameron LNG's holding company, through its 100% subsidiary. As a result of the natural gas tolling liquefaction agreement executed in May 2013 between Mitsui's wholly owned U.S. subsidiary and Cameron LNG, Mitsui has secured 4 MTPA of LNG tolling capacity for 20 years.


Furthermore, Mitsui will procure natural gas from the North American market and transport it to the Cameron LNG terminal through its wholly owned subsidiary; and LNG produced by Cameron LNG will be delivered globally mainly using 8 LNG carriers chartered long-term by Mitsui.

To meet the expected increasing global demand for natural gas and LNG, Mitsui will combine the expertise it possesses within its various business segments and exert its unique comprehensive business engineering capabilities in expanding its activities throughout the natural gas and LNG value chain from upstream E&P to midstream and downstream business in this growing market. Mitsui will continue to engage in the Cameron LNG project to realize stable LNG production, and commit to contributing to the stable energy supply to the global market, including Japan.