Natural Gas

Since 2011, MEMS (formerly MMGS) has built a very strong presence in the US natural gas market. MEMS is responsible for managing the natural gas marketing and feed gas sourcing for a variety of assets Mitsui has invested in across the US. Our gas marketing operations for E&P assets span from the Marcellus in Pennsylvania to US Gulf of Mexico. MEMS is also tasked with managing gas supply for Mitsuiā€™s portion of both a large chemical facility in east Texas and our share of the Cameron LNG facility in Louisiana. Collectively, these assets account for almost 1 Bcf/d of physical natural gas trading & marketing across many pipelines and hundreds of trading locations throughout the eastern half of the US.

MEMS has built a strong foundation and is now an active participant in 3rd party trading, marketing, and origination of natural gas. We can provide gas marketing, fuel supply, and other asset management services. Our portfolio has allowed us to structure many peaking services for a variety of endusers across the eastern US. As our depth of experience and capability continues to grow in existing markets, we are now looking to expand into markets in the mid-continent and upper Midwest.

MEMS can support your business needs through a variety of risk management services, such as:

  • Term supply/marketing
  • Hedging (NYMEX, Basis, Index)
  • E&P Gas Marketing
  • Fuel Supply Management
  • Storage management
  • Transportation management